DIY- Pro's and Con's

This day in age everyone is trying to have the biggest and best thing out there. Even when it comes to weddings everyone wants the fanciest. There is a new trend which is “DIY- Do it yourself” This is a great trend; however there are some pro’s and con’s.

Some people get overwhelmed at the thought of crafting, but others have an act for it. For those that have the natural crafty spirit DIY is just down your lane! There are so many things you can DIY and it will save you a ton of money, which is probably the biggest pro to doing it yourself. From backdrops, centerpieces, flowers, maybe even the cake- you are sure to have something unique if you make it yourself. When you make something you know that no one else will have it, which makes it extra special.

For the not so crafty, we understand DIY is not for everyone. Making crafts is stressful especially if you’re new and don’t know where to begin. If you’re just clueless it’d probably be best to but instead of making because you don’t want to waste money by messing up 25 centerpieces. Making a bouquet is complicated because certain flowers don’t go with certain flowers and before you know it’s just a big floral mess at your house.

So for the crafters, I would strongly recommend doing it yourself to save money. Dysfunctional crafters, maybe not because it could lead to extra money spent. In the end the choice is up to you, but whatever you do make sure you have fun with it!

Kansas City Bridal Shows!

Here in Kansas City we have quite a few bridal shows throughout the year. The shows are pretty cool because they offer a lot of good information. You can look at different venues, caterers, rental companies, bakeries, etc. The shows also get you up to date with the new trends. Do you need to go to every show? Probably not, but it’s all up to you. Some shows have different things to offer.

Perfect wedding guide has two upcoming shows at the Overland Park Convention Center. Perfect Wedding Guide’s fall show is Saturday October 4, 2015 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM. Tickets are $12 at the door. We think this is a good show to go to because there are normally a lot of vendors/booths. They also have a winter show in February.

Another show that starts tomorrow August 1, 2015 is “Brides against Breast Cancer”; this show mainly displays bridal gowns though.

There are plenty of open houses that go on throughout the year. Perfect wedding guide has the scoop of upcoming shows in the KCMO area.

A show that we normally like to attend is KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular. This show is probably the biggest show in Kansas City and is definitely recommended. This show is also at the Overland Park Convention Center. This years’ show is January 30th, 2016. There are even TWO fashion shows at this event!

So whether you want to go to every show or just one, it’s up to you. We do suggest at least going to one to get some inspiration for your wedding, plus they are super fun! Hopefully this gives you some insight to some of the bridal shows that happen here in Kansas City, MO.  

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