Brides Going Green

There is a hot new trend arising this year and it is a rather good one. Brides going green! That’s right weddings helping the environment. “How are they doing it?” you ask. We’re here to fill you in with the details.

We all know about paper, paper is made from trees, and you have to kill trees to make paper. Instead of sending out hundreds of paper invitations, brides are doing e-vites (email invitations). This is a great way to cut back on paper.  If that’s a little too untraditional for you, send out invitations that have been recycled.

Another issue is the flowers. Most imported flowers are sprayed with pesticide. These chemicals can be harmful to your health and also contaminate water. Change this by using organic, local, and seasonal flowers. They are also less costly than exotic flowers.

When it comes to décor we often only use it once then throw it away. Maybe find decorations that you can use again, so we don’t have to be so wasteful. Use the ceremony floral arrangements in the reception, this also cuts back on price. Buy décor that you could possibly use in your new home, or that you could give away to your guest as a party favor.

As for the menu, it can be tricky, but it’s possible. Try to make the whole menu organic, and also use local grown food. This will decrease your carbon footstep on the world. There might be local caterers around you that are eco-friendly.

It’s just a few simple changes that can make the world a greener place.  There are so many harmful chemicals that affect the world; if we cut back we might be able to keep the world spinning for a few more years. Have fun exploring this new trend.

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