Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties!

The wedding is getting closer and there is one more thing you need to plan. Well, technically your maid-of-honor should be doing this. The bachelorette party is the “last” crazy party you can have; try not to go overboard with the crazy. We’ve came up with some ideas to avoid the monstrosities.


We all know women can pretty much keep up with men when it comes to alcohol, so we’re going to try and tone it down a notch and stay away from the chip-n-dales. Depending on the budget a destination beach vacay would be super fun. This lets you get away and relax before the big day. If you just can’t stay away from the alcohol, try a winery close to home. Maybe you’ll even find a wine you’d like to drink on your big day. You can even have a relaxing spa day with the girls; get massages and pedicures- sounds amazing. Are you the adventurous type? Going to an amusement park or zip lining is sure going to let you forget about all of the wedding worries. Maybe you’re all on a tight budget, so what about an old fashioned slumber party? Whatever you plan, make sure you’re having fun.


Now as for the men, we all know they can get a little crazy. To save yourself from a hangover situation, you might want to take over the reins on planning this. Make sure the bachelor party is extra manly though, they definitely don’t care about balloons and decorations. Depending on the time of year a sports game would definitely make your man’s day. Bowling is another great idea, this way you know your man isn’t going to get too crazy and the bowling alley closes at 1 AM. A night of poker is always a no brainer, what man doesn’t love to gamble?


Another good tip: don’t have the party the night before the wedding. This definitely avoids any mishaps. We don’t want either of you showing up missing for the wedding. We hope you have fun planning this, and if you need any help give us a call.


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