Destination Weddings!

Deciding where to have your wedding is a big controversy. There are so many places to choose from. Do you want something traditional like a church? Do you want to have your wedding outside? Or maybe, you want to go all out and go somewhere far away! We’re going to give you some pros and cons of having a destination wedding.


When you think of a destination wedding, you automatically think about the beach. Destination weddings do offer some pretty awesome features. Having a destination wedding really adds the romantic ambiance that you might be looking for. You get to say your vows while squishing your toes in the soft sand and hearing the sound of the ocean tide rolling. Not to mention the great pictures you’ll get that you get to keep as a reminder of the great time you had. Another great feature of a destination wedding is you get to be secluded by just a few close family members and not 300 people swarming in your face. Without all of the people you really get time to soak in everything, which is important because this is a day you want to remember. Another added bonus: you’re already at your honeymoon getaway.


However, on the other hand there are some inconveniences of having a destination wedding. A big hastle is lugging that huge dress a thousand miles aways. Also making sure you remember to get everything you need like the marriage license, the rings, etc. because you can’t just run home to get them. Obviously a destination wedding can be a bit on the pricier side especially if you are paying for family to come. Also if you wanted to share this big day with the whole family, you can’t. For some people sharing their wedding with a lot of people means a lot to them.


Choosing which way to go is your preference. Everybody has their own wants and needs, as long as you’re happy nothing else matters. This is an important day that is special to you and your future spouse, so make it the way you want. 

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