Alcohol- What to do.

When planning your wedding, you have so many different things to plan. There are so many tiny, details that it’s hard to remember everything, but what about alcohol? Many venues offer different ways to incorporate alcohol into your wedding.


One option to think about is an “open bar”. With this option your guests can drink as much as they want. If that sounds scary, you can set a limit of money spent, or amount of drinks per guest. This makes it a little more accommodating for everyone. Plus you don’t want people taking advantage of the word “unlimited”.


Some venues offer a “cash bar”. A cash bar is the option of letting your guests pay for their own drinks. If having an open bar is not in your budget, this option is probably the way to go. With this option you can have the alcohol, without having to fork out hundreds of dollars. So guests get the alcohol they want, which makes you both happy.


Another option is not including alcohol at all. This option could result in a more peaceful night. This will give you peace at mind that a “boozy” guest isn’t breaking something at the venue. This option is also the more budget friendly. If you want to have a drink, you could incorporate it into your wedding toast.


These are just a few options to get your mind rolling on what to do. If you are really just stumped and don’t know where to start, come see us. We’ll be sure to help you out! 


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