Honeymoon Getaways!

Ahh, the honeymoon is the first quality time you get to spend together as newlyweds. Your honeymoon is a time you’ll never forget, so make it memorable. And memorable doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Just have fun and let loose after planning this stressful wedding.

Go somewhere meaningful, maybe a place that has a significant meaning to you and your spouse. Did you two meet at the lake one summer? Relive your younger days when you two fell in love, reminisce on the good times, and dream about all of the good times ahead. Renting a small cabin where you two met could be a very romantic getaway.

Maybe you two are tired of living the grown up life. Take a fun trip to Disney World, laugh, giggle, and just have fun. You can let loose and not have a care in the world- dancing with Mickey Mouse.

Who wants sand in their pants anyways? We hope these ideas will give you some inspiration as to where you’ll take your adventure.

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