Summertime Fun & Outdoor Events!

Hello Party Patch friends & family!


My name is Tellia Augafa and I am an Event Coordinator/Senior Sales Associate for The Party Patch. I have been with the company since March 2008 – but my experience in the Special Events Rental industry started back in 2004. I consider myself ‘seasoned and well versed’ with various aspects of the rental business, planning events, event coordination, etc.


However, this is the first time I have written anything that could be labeled as a ‘blog’. Nevertheless, I am excited about this new adventure and hope you check back often and continue to follow our blog.


After researching what the term ‘blog’ means, it is the abbreviated version of ‘weblog’ which means to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites. Blogs can range from personal views to political and can focus on one or more subjects.


With summertime in full effect, many activities will take place outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. Having that said, I would like to share my thoughts about tents.


The rental of a tent must always be thought of as a temporary shelter that can be either pole or frame style. The main difference is pole tents have center poles that hold up the tent canvas, while frame tents do not. Most pole tents must be setup on a surface that allows the use of metal stakes that will penetrate the ground, extended straps, ropes, etc. It is best recommended that any style tent is setup on the most level area for structural stability & safety. Our knowledgeable staff can complete a Tent Site Survey to ensure the intended tent site meets the criteria necessary, to have a tent setup prior to any type of event.


If there are concerns with inclement weather that is forecasted before or happens while your event is in full operation, please remember that we are all about SAFETY FIRST. Should high winds, torrential rainfall, and lightning be present = EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY! The center pole stands approximately 22’ tall and can be struck by lightning, which could lead to severe harm and danger.


The Party Patch will comply with Missouri laws prior to the setup of any pole style tent. We will submit a ‘Line Locate’ request via the Missouri One-Call System (MOCS). Missouri law requires that any person making or beginning any excavation is to notify MOCS before the work can begin. This service is free of charge, however more importantly – it ensures the safety of our staff, the homeowners, business owners, etc. You must allow 48hours for utility companies to respond to the ‘Line Locate’ request, but the request must not be more than 10-business days prior to date of installation. Business and homeowners who have privately owned underground lines, must have these lines marked and could be subject to fees for this service.



Our staff has been very busy with installing tents throughout the general KCMO Metro area, with our longest distance out in Adrian, MO a few weeks ago. Our peak season for tents can run from April through December. Although tents are known to be rented for wedding ceremonies and receptions, they too can provide much needed shade from the hot summer sun for events such as family reunions, birthday parties, corporate picnics, etc.


Need a tent? Call The Party Patch now…Happy Summer!

-Author: Tellia Augafa


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